Bootle Mappers – A Green Treasure Hunt

Bootle Mappers is a live treasure hunt exploring nature, wildlife and connected people and stories in Derby and Linacre. You sign up to become one of the esteemed Bootle Mappers and over 5 weeks we, the ‘mapping headquarters team’ will send you weekly quests to go on and small tasks to fulfill. Mark them on a map and return the gems you find back to us.

These quests might be about scoping out your favourite green space, looking for a good foraging place or (watch out!) finding the most huggable tree. If you are currently self-isolating or have mobility issues, you can still take part by walking the neighbourhood in your mind or ask us to find places for you and take a picture.

Together we will create a map of our local nature assets – places, stories and people. If you want to take part, please contact us at or by phone/text/WhatsApp 07751240427

A final task for the Bootle Mappers

The Bootle Mappers game is officially over. We had some wonderful responses about places and people, plants and wildlife, memories, walks and happenstances from the Bootle Mappers who went out on the treasure hunt. With the help of local resident, architect and community activist Myriam Lahnite and of course Artist Colette Whittington, we pulled the data together in order to create the first draft of a map.

We ask you to help us complete this map over the next month. What did we miss? Have a look at the categories we have created on the left hand side of the map. Are there other places you know of? Then let us know what they are and of course where they are! Are we missing a category? Just let us know and we will add it alongside your locations. Click the image below to enlarge it or to download a printable version:

Task 5:

Task 4:

Task 3:

Task 2:

Task 1:

Bootle Mappers Task 1:

What is your favourite green space in Bootle? This could be a private garden, a public space, a tiny slither of green by the road or even a roundabout! Mark the space(s) on your map.

Tell us why. Send us a story (or a memory) about that space and take a photo or make a drawing.

Please share your response with us by Sunday this week if you can by text (to 07751240427) email or social media either post it to us at Facebook @humanlibraries or #BootleMappers. If possible too we’d love a image of the place as marked on your map – if you need help with this let me know.

Posted by Human Libraries on Tuesday, 26 May 2020