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Jayne Lawless’ North End Sketch Club returns to Human Libraries

You are invited to share your finished sketches with Jayne – and the world! Share them with Jayne on instagram or twitter, or with us on email:, or whatsapp on 07751240427

Session 2: Press Pause On The Telly Sketch

Hello again Sketchers,

I hope you all enjoyed the first video!? Even if it was just to laugh at my video skills 🙂

The second vid is called ‘Press Pause on the Telly Sketch’

  • Find a comfy spot in front of the telly with something you enjoy watching on
  • Look out for an interesting moment in the programme and press pause on your remote
  • When you’re ready, pick up your pen + paper
  • If you want, do some warm ups first, either using your non dominant hand and sketching quickly (1/2 mins) and/or doing some ‘construction’ lines. These are simply repeating horizontal/vertical and diagonal lines. Great practice for your future drawings and also really relaxing.
  • Then draw a rectangle on your paper to frame your sketch, and also because it looks like the TV
  • Loosely put in outlines of shapes, ‘map’ out the space
  • Fill in as much or as little detail as you want. Enjoy!!

Session 1: At Home Still Life


I hope this note finds you well in these strange times, it’s Jayne here from sketch club and I’m making some short videos to go online on the Human Libraries website, but if you can’t access the internet I hope this gets to you another way. It will also be available by email too.

I’m going to be doing 3 sessions initially and this is the first:


  1. Have a look around your home for objects to draw.
    For example I went into my kitchen and got: a box of Weetabix, an apple, a tin of soup, a carton of orange juice.
  2. Arrange the objects
    Remember our warm ups and try them first, it does help, especially if you’re rusty!
  3. Try using your non dominant hand – do a quick timed sketch (1 minute) and enjoy!
  4. Materials: If you haven’t got sketch books etc to hand, use scrap paper, newspaper, left over wallpaper, backs of envelopes!! AND A BIRO!

Speak soon! Love Jayne x