Remedies for Resistance

a project by raju rage

Do we know how to care for ourselves and each other? What is collective care? How do we practice collective care within our communities? Do we have medical knowledge? Do we have our own remedies? Have these passed along through family, kinship or through networks? How do we know or find about them? Who do we share them with and how?

In this time of Covid having access to wellbeing is crucial. How do we access this? We might rely on people we know, strangers, essential workers, doctors and NHS, family members, friends, local mutual aid projects, ourselves, or even the government.

We would like to gather remedies and their stories that we can share with each other in a self-published maga/zine.

Do you have a remedy with a story, a tale, a recipe, a memory? If so, please send to Phone/text/whatsapp: 07751240427. Let us know if you’d like to speak about it with us, and we can arrange a phone call.

Our next event as part of this workshop is a Fire Cider making workshop and remedy swap over Zoom.

Find out more about the event and join us here.

Raju’s Ginger and Turmeric Tea Recipe

Past Events

Aug 2020
Jan 2021

Join us on 25 January at 4 PM for an online remedy swap and making session, as part of Raju Rage’s project —Remedies for Resistance.

Together we’ll make Fire Cider: a healing recipe that Raju has shared with us for the workshop. Fire Cider is a vinegar-based herbal tonic, traditionally used to boost the immune and digestive systems. If you are local to Bootle or Crosby, you can book to receive a box of all the ingredients you’ll need, delivered to your door.

Do you have a remedy that you or your family use or have used?

This could be anything from herbal remedies to bread poultices, cloves for toothache, or chicken soup. Could you share a recipe, story or memory about this remedy with us? Whilst we prepare Fire Cider together, we’ll discuss as a group how we care for ourselves and each other, our own knowledge of remedies, and how this knowledge has come to us. Feel free to bring along any recipes, ingredients or other materials that you’d like to share. 

The discussion will be recorded as part of the process of gathering recipes and stories for a small publication that Raju would like to produce. You can read more about the Remedies for Resistance project here.

This session will take place over Zoom. To book your place at the workshop, you can email us at or phone, text or WhatsApp us: 0775124042. Ingredient boxes are limited and are only avalible for those who live local, near Bootle, Crosby or Netherton Library.