The L-Shaped Garden

We’re making a garden for Bootle Library.  Would you like to get involved?

We have commissioned artist Harun Morrison to work with us to imagine, design and create a new garden to the south of the Library, making a new space for growing, relaxing, reading and meeting.

Harun Morrison lives on a narrow boat which is slowly making its way around the UK’s canal network.  His work includes performances, designs, DIY actions and other creative processes, often taking the form of a game or sparked by chance encounters, creating temporary micro-communities that find new ways of approaching situations, histories or ideas.

We began this project in early in 2020 with a series of collaborative design workshops and the gathering together of a collection of descriptions of fictional gardens, which will inform some of the plants that we will grow. The project has been on pause for the past year, but we will soon need your help to make it happen, from design through to digging.  If you have time or skills to offer, look out for one of our regular garden planning events – coming soon!

Regular gardening and Beekeeping will be supported by artist Andrea Ku of B for Biodiversity. 

Past Events

May 2021 Bootle Library

We’re creating a restorative and calming garden for Bootle Library — would you like to get involved?

As a first step, we’d like to invite you to join us for our first garden get-together of 2021 on the 10th May 10 am -12 pm. Before we get started on transforming the space, we need to clear it of the litter that has built up over the past year, and we’d love your help. In return, expect tea, cake, and heartfelt thanks! We’ll also have time to talk a bit more about what stage the project is at, and how you will be able to get involved over the coming months. 

For safety reasons we do have to strictly limit numbers, so if you’d like to come along, please let us know by emailing us at or sending us a text/whatsapp to 07751240427. 

If you can’t come or don’t want to leave the house at the moment, you can still get involved in our project. We’re collecting descriptions of our favourite gardens in literature to inspire our garden’s design. Why not relax for an afternoon and do a spot of reading and research? More information about submitting your description here.

You can read more about the L-Shaped garden here.

Jun 2021 Bootle Library

At the beginning of 2020, we started planning a new garden for Bootle library, to be designed by artist Harun Morrison. We decided to call it L-Shaped Garden, in reference to the shape of the plot and to Lynn Reid Banks’ 1960s novel ‘The L Shaped Room’. Our garden will be a safe, restorative space for growing, relaxing, reading, and collaborating. 

We began the process with a series of collective design workshops, resulting in different ideas to inform the final design, and a collection of fictional garden descriptions to inspire the plants selected for the space. Like many things over the past year, work on the project and garden paused for a little while, and as we now begin to move forward again, and we’d love to update you on our plans. 

Join us for a relaxed get-together on Friday 18th June, 11:00 AM at Bootle Library to hear from Harun about his ideas for the design, and to enjoy a vegetarian buffet in our garden-to-be. If you’d like to bring a dish, that’d be very welcome — the only request is that it is vegetarian, and we ask if you can write down the ingredients in your dish, to make sure other guests are aware of any allergens. 

Please let us know if you would like to join us, if you will be bringing any food, and any dietary requirements you have by emailing or on send us a message on Whatsapp: 07751240427. 

Apr 2022 Bootle Library

Save the date: Saturday 30th April 12:00 – 1:30pm

Join us for a vegetarian BBQ at Bootle Library, where work on our new L-shaped garden has now begun. We’ll talk through plans for next steps with artist Harun Morrison over lunch in the garden-in-progress.

Everyone is welcome.

Please note: timings and details about the event may change. If you book now, we can email you if times change and share updates about what we will get up to on the day.

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Booking is essential so we know how many people to expect and cater for. If you are struggling to book online, don’t worry, just call or email Bootle Library and they will be able to book online for you.

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